3 Amazing Hairstyles


Tired of your plain pony?   Need an updated updo?  Fresh florals for your hair?

Find inspiration with these amazing hairstyle ideas from Goldilonglocks.



1. Start with your hair pulled into a sleek high ponytail.  Optional: You can use hairspray to hold down the flyaways.

2. Split the ponytail into two equal, side-by-side parts. Put the right section off to the side/over your shoulder.



3. Divide the left section equally in half once again but this time you should have two sections on top of each other.



4. Split the top section in half and wrap it around the lower section, combining the hair on the bottom and tying it with an elastic.

5. Take time to pancake or pull out both sides of the bubble so it gets nice and voluminous.

6. With the same two sections, continue repeating steps 4&5 all the way down until you run out of hair.



7. You will also do this with the hair over your shoulder, forming two pull-through braids in total.



8. Spend some time pancaking each layer to the volume of your choosing.



9. (OPTION 1) Use an elastic to tie both braids together at the bottom & wear as is.



10. (OPTION 2) Twist both braids around each other from top to bottom & secure with an elastic to wear as one twisted ponytail.



11. Again, spread and pancake out the different layers to your liking. Complete!



1. Split your hair into three equal sectioned ponytails, stacked one on top of the other.



2. Start with the top ponytail wrapping up and around. Each time around add an additional outside layer, just like a cinnamon bun. This will create the base your updo. Feel free to use plenty of bobby pins to secure it in place.



3. Next, continue the same process adding and building to the updo with the middle ponytail. Use your fingers to gently guide your hair into a swirl pattern.



4. Take time to center the bun on your head and spread it out.



5. For the last, bottom ponytail you want to form a loose twist for added texture - twist and then slightly pull it apart for volume.



6. Wrap the twisted ponytail one time around the outside of the updo, securing the end at the base of the ponytail so it’s hidden. Again, use as many bobby pins as you need. All done



1. Grab the amount of hair you would normally do a half-up style with, and split it evenly into three sections. Secure the top of each section with an elastic.



2. Individually braid each section. Optional: Slightly pancake the braids on the bottom half to give the flowers more of an opening effect.

3. Starting with the left braided section, secure the base of braid into place with a bobby pin.



4. Wrap the braid up and around in a counter-clockwise motion forming a flower. Secure it with bobby pins as you go, until you run out of hair.

5. Take a moment and use your fingers to adjust and open up the flower

6. Make sure the base of the middle braid is clearly below the flower you just formed, you may have to pull the elastic a little lower.



7. Again, repeat steps 3-5 to form your middle flower.



8. Pin your base of the last braid higher than the middle flower, so it’s the same height as the left flower, and repeat steps 3-5. Fin!