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Coloring Tips

  1. First-Time Color Users

    When trying hair color for the first time, select one to two shades lighter.

  2. Get the Best Results

    Use AGEbeautiful Gentle Crème Developer for best results. It is recommended to use 20 Volume Developer for optimum gray coverage.  40 Volume is recommended to be used with High Lift Blondes.

  3. Optimal Gray Coverage

    When using B (Blue), V (Violet), R (Red) or RR (Red Red) shade on over 50% gray, mix with equal parts of an AGEbeautiful N (Neutral) shade of the same level for optimal gray coverage.

  4. Resistant Grays

    For best gray coverage, use NN (Intense Neutral). NN shades are extra pigment packed to eliminate the most resistant grays.


Shades shown are not guaranteed. Actual results may vary based on hair’s texture, porosity, previous damage, previous color application, and the formulation used.

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