10 Spring Hair Color Trends You Have to Try

If the last two years taught us anything, it was never to take our hair colorist for granted. Whether you were trying to camouflage grays or attempt to balayage at home (we won’t ask about that), you, like the rest of us, took a much-needed sigh of relief when your hair salon reopened.

That said, now it’s time to talk about color – beautiful, unabashed hues that are just perfect for spring hair colors. Spring is the season of change, so why not embrace something new, lighten up those winter locks and get ready for sunny skies and warm weather? 

These are the top spring hair colors, along with style tips and suggestions for getting the perfect shade for you.

What Color Should I Dye My Hair in Spring? 

Dyeing your hair is one of the most dramatic but accessible ways to update your look. You may be someone who is down to sporting a new color every month, or you should still be rocking your natural shade and ready for something new. 

No matter your level of experience, dyeing hair in the spring is all about going lighter and brighter. 

It’s a time to freshen up your look with warm, soft tones that boast and invigorate. 

This means brighter colors that may be more high maintenance are totally in. If you’ve been craving that sophisticated, striking blonde, now is your time to shine.

On the other hand, opting for earthy, caramel hues will be the in thing if you want to go darker. You can talk to your stylist about color matching, a process that pairs your ideal color with the perfect blend for your complexion.

Our stylists are also available online via our hotline or LiveChat, and you can always reach out to us with your questions.

For now, let’s dive into the best spring hair color trends.

Warm 90s Blonde

That effortless, sunkissed blonde that dominated the 90s is back and better than ever. This is the perfect entry-level blonde tone if you want to go lighter. Its sunny depths make it easier to reach than platinum, which requires more bleaching of your natural locks.

Rich Copper

Red, but bolder, we love copper that embraces warmth and depth. It’s less brassy and more brunette, sporting chocolate undertones. This style is ideal for naturally tan or dark complexions, and it can be striking on any hair texture. 


Whether it’s copper curls or a straight, A-line bob, this color can be a fun way to add some new dimension to your natural style. You can also opt for this color if you’re looking to add warmth to a cooler winter tone. 

Almond or Caramel Edges

Unlike highlights that strike through your entire hair, edges only color the ends of your locks. Perfect for dressing up a wavy look with curtain bangs, you can choose almond or caramel hues to soften and liven brown or dark blonde hair.

Cashew and walnut are also great colors to opt for if you’re working with brown hair. Playing into the dimensions of brunette is an excellent way to create more depth to your overall look; this is incredibly impactful if you have long hair that may appear flat if it’s all one tone.

Honey Blonde

If you want to dye your hair blonde but have naturally medium-to-light brown hair, this is the tone to go for. Honey is the ideal shade for those coming from mid-level browns because it does not require over-lightening.


Mocha Waves

Chunky highlights in warm brown tones are a great way for brunettes to lighten up their look this season. When it comes to spring hair color, highlights are a simple way to create more depth while simultaneously brightening your look.

woman with mocha brown hair

Depending on their base shade, brunettes can opt for mocha or honey hues. Chunky highlights work exceptionally well with long waves, and you can get an even more nuanced look by leaving the lightest streaks around the front of the face and gradually deepening the color as you move toward the back.

Natural Hippie Blonde 

Embrace those flower child vibes by letting your natural blonde shine, leaving the roots untouched and only brightening the lower portion of your hair. This is a low-maintenance blonde style that only requires a few touch-ups per year.


If you plan on doing some lightning at home, make sure you choose a non-destructive product, like AGEBeautiful Ultra Bond lightener, This can help you lift your hair’s natural color up to nine levels without harming the hair.

Warm Brunette

Dyeing your hair brown can often result in a dark, cool tone that is more suitable for fall and winter. If you’re looking for something with more warmth, let a pro handle the coloring and perform routine color maintenance at home. 

Warm brunettes are colors that play on red, copper, honey, and caramel tones to create greater depth and softness.

Bronze is a great spring hair color if you already have warm brown hair but be careful of any at-home dye jobs when you’re first lightening. It’s easy to wind up with more orange or brassy results that can be difficult to repair. Reach out to our Customer Hotline at 1-800- 242-9283 to learn how, safely.

For an energized look, you can even consider going a warm tone and lightening things further with some face-framing highlights or a honey-blonde balayage.

Pretty Peach

Peach is an unexpected spring hair color that we adore. It’s soft, sweet, and the perfect way to add some color into your look without going to the extreme. Playing off the rose gold trend, peach can be played up into a variety of hues and made to match a wide range of skin tones.

This hue isn’t for amateurs. If you’re not a pro at DIY or a salon expert yourself, visit your favorite hairdresser for the first round. It can be hard get that perfect peachy color without leaning too far towards red or white. So, once you’ve got the perfect shade of pink at the salon, your stylist can tell you the best way to maintain its luster between touch-ups.

Pastel Balayage

Vivid colors like pink, blue and purple are always fun to play around with, but they may feel too strong at the start of spring. Opt for pastel if you’re into color infusions but still want to keep things airy for the early warm months.


Pastel balayage can blend well into any existing hair color. However, because pastels are light and require maintenance to maintain their saturation, you’ll want to use color-protective products like Biotera’s Ultra Color Care.

Curly Highlights 

We love naturally curly hair, and there are so many ways to play up colors, thanks to the unique texture and volume of curls. If you’re naturally dark, aim for warm tones that add some dimension to your spirals.

hair with warm highlights

On the other hand, curly, light brunettes and blondes can infuse their locks with warmth by opting for some sunny browns and caramel hues. Even just going a shade up or down for highlights can instantly make your curls fuller and more vibrant.

Spring Hair Care Reset

Even if you don’t decide to change your color completely, you can still give your hair some extra love this spring. As we say goodbye to chilly days and get ready for more time outdoors, nourishing our locks is extra essential.

Here are a few of our expert’s favorite tips for giving your hair a spring makeover.

Start Healing Damaged Hair

Visit your stylist to have them trim any dead ends and start caring for your hair as it grows. Nutrient-rich formulas like Biotera’s Long and Healthy or Ultra Repair are great choices. As you work toward natural locks, be mindful of how you wash and style, too.

Washing too often can strip away natural oils. Try to avoid using too much heat, and air dry whenever you can. It can be a good idea to apply a protective spray before curling or straightening.


If your goal is to grow your hair out through spring and summer, let it do its thing until you reach your target length. Now is the perfect time to fall in love with your natural hair again! 

You can even embrace grays and let your inner silver fox run free as your hair grows. Gray is in, and you can rock it even better by ensuring your hair is silky smooth and moisturized. 

Get the Right Products for Your Problem Areas

If you love your curls but can’t stand fighting the frizz, there are products that can help tame your mane without damaging your hair. 

Many people with curly hair will opt for straightening as their default, anti-frizz strategy, but you can actually embrace the natural volume of your curls by using a frizz-proof regime for wash day, and treatment type styling products in-between.

If your hair is thin or tends to break easily, focus on volumizing, hair-strengthening products like Biotera Ultra Thick & Full.

Start Using Hair Masks

Hair masks can infuse your hair with the nutrients and vitamins it needs to stay strong and healthy; they’re also a fun way to pamper yourself when you’re practicing self-care. There are some masks you can buy at the salon, and we recommend using Nutri-Ox, Biotera or All About Curls. 


Get a Personalized Spring Hair Care Guide 

We’re here to help you care for your hair year-round. If you’re looking to revamp your look, check out our Color Consultation tool.  You can also reach out to one of our stylists to chat live about your needs, get personalized product recommendations and style advice for your texture, shade, and complexion.