Winter Haircare 101


With winter and cold weather not far away, this year more than ever I’ve been feeling the effects of the impending dry climate. Already, my skin has been drier than normal and my hair has just felt a little off. I’ve been taking care to follow some of the good hair rules including letting my hair air dry and limiting my hot, hot showers. But the one thing I’ve found helps my hair retain its moisture is picking and religiously using nourishing products that are specifically formulated to help combat dry ends.



While this is a sponsored post, I’ve been using the Biotera Natural Origin Nurture Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Masque for a bit now and you all know I wouldn’t endorse anything I didn’t think actually worked!



So about Biotera . . . I picked up all three products (shampoo, conditioner, masque) at my local Sally Beauty Supply store for only $24 and I fully expect them to last months and months because (as I found out the difficult way) a little bit goes a loonnnggg way and likewise a grand ole dollop goes an EXTRA long way. Suds for days! So I’m in Sally Beauty Supply trying to decide between the two new lines of Biotera products: Nurture or Restore. Both sound amazing, but I have to make a decision about what my hair truly needs at the moment.



Does anyone else agonize over hair care products when you love a brand but don’t know the best line for your needs? I love options but sometimes I just don’t know the BEST one. I eventually landed on the Nurture line because the benefits and ingredients were exactly what had been missing in my hair regime. Free from sulfates (chemicals), parabens (more chemicals), dyes and gluten, this new line of product is not just healthy for my hair – it’s also full of good ingredients for my overall health!



Sidebar: a few years ago I was doing a lot of research about skin. I was researching what’s truly healthy for your skin and how diet, exercise, makeup, even haircare products impact the overall appearance of skin. Did you know that your scalp is extremely porous and essentially absorbs the products you put on it? I know my drugstore shampoo girls are going to cringe a bit, but those extra value products are often filled with the above-mentioned chemicals. I just think if you’re concerned about your overall health, skincare and hair care are just as important to get right as vitamins and cleaning supplies.



The first time using the Biotera Nurture line was quite lovely. Honey and coconut oil act as natural hydrators and make the product smell amazing. Soft and subtle is what I go for in pretty much every scent so I was pleasantly surprised with the warm and gentle aroma that wafted from hair throughout the rest of the day.



As for the nurturing part? Well if you can’t see from the photos my hair did exactly what I wanted it to do. The morning we shot this look I washed my hair with the product and added just a pea-sized dollop of the conditioner to my ends to take out some of the dry. I used a blow dryer and a medium sized curling iron to achieve the soft and romantic look – a look that I’ve found can really only be achieved with silky smooth locks.



Only a few flyaways danced around my head and even after all the heat I found my hair to be as soft as hydrated as ever. Of course, this line is not a miracle product. It takes maintenance and often a little extra love (queue the uber hydrating hair masque) to achieve natural perfection, but once at that stage, it’s a delightful hair experience. May I suggest visiting the product line online or in your local Sally Beauty Supply store? If you’re looking for a quality product with a low price tag, this one may just suit your fancy.