Go vibrant with AGEbeautiful Shades of Intrigue

I’m grateful that I am one of the first to know major life news from my clients.

Engagements, pregnancies, new jobs, plastic surgeries, affairs, divorces, new suitor…
I think you get the idea.

And I have learned why I’m the go-to for these most monumental moments. New baby on the way?  How are we going to continue to cover these pesky grays? Landed that coveted new job?  Would a brazen brunette ‘you’ project your inner voice better? Time for a mid-life cosmetic refresh?  Nothing a quick color change can’t conceal! Divorce? That ex always wanted you to be a blonde. Engagement? Well that leads me to my beloved client Jessica’s wedding I was just at in Capri.

I was lucky enough to be in the know about her wedding early in the game--- She had purple hair!

What I have noticed lately is the current hair color craze of really vibrant hues is only increasing in popularity. They aren’t just for teens and twenty somethings--these hues are hot on everyone. I have recently given a grandmother a periwinkle shade, an arctic blue to an interior designer, and a restaurant owner is now working a fiery merlot red.

Who says you have to stop experimenting and having fun with your hair past a certain age? That’s why I’m loving AGEbeautiful’s brand new Shades of Intrigue collection. This is a pigment packed palette of vibrant and powerful hues that commands attention wherever they go and make the hair feel fantastic.

The collection includes six new permanent shades:

  • 4B is a dark blue that is great as a stand-alone rich blue black or as a mixer into my neutrals for a cool, crisp natural brunette.
  • 5V is a medium plum brown that I am having a blast combining with any of the red shades or with a neutral shade for a soft, never brassy brunette.
  • 4VR and 5VR are both a fun hybrid of the violets and the reds.


  • 4RR and 6RR are amazing for the redhead who never feels red enough.  I especially love these for their cool background tones… Meaning no-orangey red—which looks great on most complexions, especially olive.

And there are four new demi-permanent shades:

  • 4B can be used for a rich arctic blue black refresh, intermixed into a neutral for a brass-busting brunette gloss, or added into ClearShine for the ultimate platinum blonde gloss.
  • 4V and 5V are excellent plum refreshers and can be brought into any other tones in the line for limitless results.


  • 5RR this is the ultimate way to refresh a faded red that wants a show stopping result and I also love mixing this with 4B to create a rich pomegranate / wine shade.

I love that these new shades provide super vibrant, bold results but still look sophisticated, modern and timeless.  I’m sure you are going to love working with the Shades Of Intrigue collection and can’t wait to hear what formulas and techniques you cook up!