7 Ways to Use AGEbeautiful Root Touch-Up Spray

I call AGEbeautiful Root Touch-Up Spray the can of can-do!

And for good reason… our revolutionary product flew off the shelves at launch primarily for its ability to cover up grays on the go. But, Root Touch-Up holds the power to many more hair hacks. Want a fuller hairline? Fill in thinning spots? Blend extensions? Refinance your mortgage? Ok, maybe not that last bit but… AGEbeautiful really is the can of can do!



The start of perfect hair is in the hairline. A defined hairline will harmoniously support your hottest hairstyle. Whether you’regoing for a big and bold blow out or a flawless sleek high ponytail, etching out a precise hairline with Root Touch-Up Spray isthe first step in gorgeous hair.



My guy clients ask me to make their balding spots go away. My move is to grab a can of Root Touch-Up and making their dream come true in seconds. Root Touch-Up can be a man’s best friend for filling in the thinning spots! Of course, this works for the ladies too, but don’t tell my sister as she will steal mine!



Nothing says sexy like tons of body at the top of the head. This playful look not only looks great but adds height. Root Touch-Up Spray gives body boosting support right where you need it. A couple of spritzes on the roots will give you the volume you are craving.



A hair hack that everyone can use is creating depth at their root to pump up the illusion of thicker hair. A spritz of Root Touch-Up a shade or two darker than the rest makes hair look thicker, younger, and sexier.



You would never know how fine Kim’s hair because of the depth we created at her root. She never leaves home withouther Root Touch-Up in Darkest Blonde.



Now for the “pretend hair” or added-in hair. These are amazing ways to add length and volume to hair but can be a bit tricky to conceal. Using Root Touch-Up to blur the weft at the root creates natural looking results. My buddy and star stylist @GregoryPattersonHair lives by this hack: “I love using AGEbeautiful Root Touch-Up to make extensions blur seamlessly into the hair.”



Speaking of sparse, braids have been super popular lately because they look great on pretty much everyone and are functional. But we have all seen what happens when there is just too much scalp showing around the braid. Root Touch-Up fills in those exposed scalp areas and locks the braid into place.



Curious about trying out a new shade on you or a client? Root Touch-Up is ideal for trying out a new shade with zero commitment. Go spicy auburn for date night! Try a vibrant violet that, hopefully, will be gone faster than your date.



AGEbeautiful Root Touch Up is available in a variety of gorgeous shades. These can be used alone or intermixed together for a truly customized color cocktail. Best part is they are water and sweat resistant!

Mike Petrizzi, professional colorist, has created beautiful hair color using AGEbeautiful anti-aging hair color since its launching in 2010.